Basic Principles
The Objectives
Prospective trainees
NSJT Participants
Merits of the NSJT

In line with the efforts that are exerted by the Government of Saudi Arabia in order to develop of the national work force, one of the main strategies given a priority to by our wise leadership, the Saudi citizen is the focal point of the developmental, social and economic plans.

The government has full confidence in the abilities of the Saudi youths to work and participate in various fields. It is, therefore, becoming imperative to focus on the process of directing them to join the private sector and execute the process of Saudization since it is regarded as a national quest and a strategic goal. Consequently, a fund for developing human resources has been established as an active agent to sustain this goal by means of providing financial support to the training and employment activities.

It is worth mentioning that the NSJT represents a form of flexible training whose aim is to prepare Saudi citizens for certain jobs. They acquire the skills for these jobs through special training programs that meet the actual needs of the labor market. It is a national project whose activities, regarding the implementation of its training, programs are shared by GOTEVOT, the Human Resource Development Fund and the Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

This project represents a good example of the cooperation between the educational and training institutions and the private sector enterprises, which is based on a well-studied strategies that lead to training for employment. It also activates the role of the private sector and encourages the employers to direct their investment towards the national manpower. Such an approach makes a requirement on the private sector to participate in the training programs so that they can rely on the national cadre and gain benefits from the activities provided by the system.